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I grew up in London and didn't have a clue what I would do when I left school. I always loved writing and I didn't have much talent or ambition for doing much else. Oh, apart from singing. I had a brief romantic idea that I could make it as a singer but I'm far too shy and quickly gave up on that idea. After evening classes in short story fiction led to me wanting to write 'proper', I embarked on a Creative Writing MA as a mature student and started to really take myself seriously as a writer.

My earliest writing, which actually paid, was as a ghost writer. I wrote steamy novels and contemporary romance for several years and a couple of the books actually became best sellers. That's when I had the lightbulb moment! If I can write a best seller for someone else, why not try to do it for myself? Duh!

Already sick of the smutty stuff, I knew that my passion was in romantic comedy and I began self publishing my own books. This led to being published by HQ Digital, Harper Collins and later Simon & Schuster.

Although I have yet to become a best seller in my own right I just love to write and create new characters. I now write what I call feel good fiction. Uplifting stories of ordinary people with love at the root of it all.

If you like to laugh, you don't mind a little sob, you don't believe that all heroines have to be angels, and you're a sucker for a happy ending, then my books are for you.

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