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Author Branding

I'm getting excited right now. Last time I blogged I said I had a story idea. Well the ideas are still flowing in for that story and although the actual pen to paper phase hasn't happened, I've been busy in other ways.

I'd been toying with the idea of getting an author brand for a while. In no time at all a new year will begin and with a new story idea brewing, I thought this was the perfect time of year to take steps towards making Rosa Temple Author a brand. I've seen other authors in various genres attempt this and I'm always impressed by the idea of uniform book covers, logos, matching fonts and banners for social media platforms. So why not me?

I've been to the drawing board on several occasions, trying to come up with ideas but when it comes to artistic flare I have to give way to the professionals.

I approached a great graphics designer recently, someone who has already designed one of my book covers in the past.

She was a great person to work with. Patient, imaginative, greatly talented and she didn't charge the earth although her service is highly professional.

I've decided to give my self published books a look of uniformity and to upgrade the look of my social media platforms too. I want to go into 2020 with not only two new novels being published but also a new website, Twitter and Facebook banner.

I'm in the process of changing the book covers and the graphic designer has sent over her ideas based on the concepts I have given her. I am supper pleased about the results and I can't wait to reveal my new book covers very soon.

In fact I'm doing a complete house clean of everything, including updating the book files themselves so that all my social media links are up to date.

My next port of call is deciding if I just roll out the new look as if it were just any other day or do I go big; launch my new platform, do giveaways to draw attention to my new book covers? The simple answer is, I don't know yet. Maybe I'll research other author stories and ideas. Whatever I do, only know I'm as pleased as punch with what my graphics designer has come up with so far and I can't wait to share it with you.

Until then ... watch this space!


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