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The Dear ... Anybody? e-book GIVEAWAY!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Would you like to win an e-book copy of my latest book, Dear...Anybody? ?

It's easy and free to enter. The #Giveaway ends Sunday 19th April at midnight (GMT). The draw will take place straight after but only winners will be notified.

Good Luck!

The Blurb

Local newspaper journalist, Sydney, is like many women. Bored at work, bad hair days, karaoke nights, loving boyfriend and a fabulous best friend. But a huge discovery sends her whole world spiralling downwards and things will never be the same again. She’s lost her job, her boyfriend and, well, everything.

Unlike most women, Sydney’s answer is to resort to binge eating, binge drinking and never leaving her bedroom.

An unexpected job offer comes her way and Sydney leaves London for the tiny village of Bridley to become editor of a countryside magazine, not realising that part of the job means becoming the magazine’s Agony Aunt.

Resolving to make her mark as an editor and to set the problematic lives of Bridley villagers to rights, Sydney uncovers hidden truths, secret loves and the possibility of romance lies in wait behind the counter of her favourite coffee shop.

Is it that easy to turn your life around? Well, maybe not for Sydney …

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