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Coping With Season Change

Is it too soon to be talking about Christmas? I'm usually the one who says we shouldn't get Christmassy until at least the 20th of December. But this year Christmas started early in our house - and I'm the one who started it.

Firstly, I went to a Christmas Wreath Making Workshop in the local town. It isn't the sort of thing I normally do but it was run by a friend and I had been, surprisingly, thinking about buying a wreath for the door this year. It was an absolute first for me to have a wreath, let alone make my own one. And you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. My wreath looked almost professional and from the moment it was hung on the cottage door, thoughts of the Christmas Season and the season to come took over.

It's funny, no matter how much of a good time we have over the holiday season, thoughts of what's to come are never held at bay. We start planning for the year ahead. We dwell on those New Year's Resolutions, promises we make, changes we want to happen, plans of starting something new or giving something up. All of these things can fill our minds over the Christmas season. For that reason there is always a sense that it's the end of a part of our lives. Sometimes that can bring sadness because with change there comes upheaval, regrets, worry and anxiety.

How do I cope?

Well, as I've been doing for the best part of this year, I've been keeping To Do Lists first and foremost in my daily routine. Being a big worrier, bad sleeper and having an all too active imagination, lists are what keep me centred and grounded. If you're not a list writer then try it. You won't regret it!

I've got plans to publish two books and for writing another, as you'll know from previous posts.

I plan also to be more focussed on other creative pursuits like playing guitar and keeping up my piano practise. That's just to name a couple. The list goes on and the list creates sub-lists, too. No matter what comes to mind, I write it down. My wonderful To Do List helps me keep the worry and panic away and guess what, I get to enjoy the season of good cheer in good cheer!

Sometimes, we try to pack too much in during Christmas time. But relax, you only have 24 hours in a day so make yourself a realistic list and when it comes down to planning the next phase of your life after the holiday season is over - make it realistic. There's no point in saying you want to run a marathon in January if you haven't owned a pair of trainers for two years. Likewise, why tell yourself you want to trim down to a size 10 by the spring if you're leggings are sized 16-18. Get it?

In other words don't stress this holiday about what is to come, prepare for it, sensibly, and enjoy your holiday. I won't wish you a Merry Christmas yet because I hope to be back with another post before then. Take care for now!

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