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Waiting For Inspiration

So what do authors do when they're not writing their next book? Basically, we're waiting for the next big idea to come and dreaming about writing.

It's no secret that my publishing house rejected my last two offerings (but I'm over it now - promise) and I'd been waiting for an idea for another story. The ideas were slow to come but I didn't sit around and mope about rejections and writers block. I got active, physically, instead of mentally and it's been a revelation.

First of all, I realised that my physical fitness had been sadly lacking. Imagine the lonely writer in an attic, very little light coming through other than the glare of the laptop screen, living on chocolate rice cakes and herbal tea, the only sound you hear is the click click click of the keyboard keys. Well that was me. My husband says I become all consumed when I'm in story telling mode and it's true.

My skin was dry and unhealthy looking, my eye-bags had eye-bags and my stomach was preventing me from seeing the floor, and the rising number on my bathroom scales.

It was time for action.

I had always found ways to stay fit in the past be that running, walking, yoga, Zumba. I even bought a spinning bike but how easy it is to put off a run or walk because of bad weather or to sleep through the alarm when you should be in a yoga or a Zumba class.

I got a fitness programme together. I didn't need a personal trainer (couldn't afford one actually) and now I'm walking, doing yoga, lifting weights and trying to get back into running again.

I exercise for at least an hour every day and I'm feeling great! I even started intermittent fasting and can gladly report that not only can I see past my stomach to read the bathroom scales, I lost a stone in weight! Yay!

Now that I'm a goddess, with my new body and glowing skin, out of nowhere a new book idea sprang to mind. The attic awaits, as do the chocolate rice cakes but I will keep popping out of the dark attic and into my stretchy pants on a daily basis to keep my fitness going too.

I hope I've inspired you to do something to make yourself feed good today.

If not, why not?


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